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For several years, I have been involved in some way with bondage art. I used to draw damsels in distress in pencil and whatever medium I could get my hands on that was available. In the late 1980's, I assumed that I was the only person in the civilized world that liked to draw bondage and perilous situations; somewhat insane but imaginitive. I never, ever thought that what I do condoned any type of ill will towards women. Even then, I had a taste for a toxic foot fetish and thing for tickling those pretty soles.


This continued into the 90's when I discovered the hardcore magazines published by HOM and Harmony Concepts at a midwestern adult store. I remember the issues! One was an HOM tickling magazine with a cute redhead hogtied in black rope getting her soles tickled on the backcover, and a Harmony Magazine with a lady tied to a railroad fixture in heels. After that I purchased several of these magazines, though I never saved them.


The discovery of bondage publications gave new life to my artwork, where ball gags started appearing.


Then soon after that, computers became more affordable and the internet exploded into almost every household alongside the toaster, TV, VCR and video game consoles. Adult entertainment became even more prevalent with technology. The bondage web sites that would result mass produced a limitless galaxy of images.


Like Photoshop and other graphics software, 3D software also became more affordable. This includes my main 3D tool, Poser. In 2004, I made the transition from 2D to 3D art. This would prove to be the turning point when I stumbled onto a web site called Renderotica. Ruby would make her first appearance in a hogtie when she was still V3. Several fun images would follow.


Recently, I have started using Daz Studio and its powerful render engine Iray that produces photographic-quality images that have confused some of my viewers.


My proudest moment thus far is earning the honor of being a Premier Artist at Renderotica where I share a comraderie with such great render artists like Kathyrne, Dieterblau, KristenF, Bodo, Jack Ketch, Shadoman, Man of Steel and other new great talents!


The artwork I produce is a tribute to those bondage legends and the friends that I have made.


Without them, there would be no Samuel Khan!


-Samuel Khan



Who is this guy, and why does he love those hogties?


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